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Food Stamps

The federal government program we know as food stamps is now called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). While SNAP is a federal program, it is administered at the state or local level. Eligibility for food stamps or the SNAP program is determined by an individual’s household resources including income, bank accounts, and vehicles. However, those who work part time or qualify for other public assistance programs may still be eligible for the food stamp program.

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What you will need

  • Social Security numbers for each household member
  • Last four pay stubs or proof of unemployment benefits
  • Account statements from checking, savings, stocks, or bonds
  • Income tax return for the previous year
  • Medical bills, utility, educational, all other household expenses
  • Proof of U.S. and state residency


Acquire a SNAP or food stamp application at a local Social Security office or online at www.marylandsail.org

Find out how much food stamp assistance you may be eligible for by using the SNAP online pre-screening tool

Provide answers to every question in the available space

Be completely honest on the application because false answers will adversely affect the outcome

Tips & Warnings

  • SNAP or food stamp purchases are limited to food items or plants and seeds used to grow food for your household
  • Applying online allows you the convenience of saving the application and returning to finish it at a later time
  • Application help is available through your state SNAP or food stamp program office

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